2 thoughts on “3 Common Behaviors That Will Sabotage Your Retirement”

  1. Great post. It’s easy to become distracted when saving for retirement because it is so far into the future for most people. I’m not trying to make an excuse, but it is the reality. When choosing between two cars, one $30K and another $20K, most will not step back and think about how that extra $10K will effect them in the future.

    It’s important to get into a habit of saving when you are young. It will be easier to keep saving as time goes on as opposed to having to start from scrath after years of saving nothing.

  2. The other advantage to developing the savings habit is that you eventually ‘forget’ you even have the money saved. I don’t mean that you don’t know the money exists, it just ceases to come to mind when contemplating a purchase. I find that it also helps to spread it around and have accounts at a bank and credit union separate from my primary bank. This way, if I ever were to think that I needed to tap into my savings, it would be inconvenient, which would allow me ample time to reconsider!

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