My name is Jon Dulin and I own and operate Compounding Pennies. I started off as a contributor to the site then became the owner in 2014.

I’ve been interested in personal finance since I was 18 years old. In college I got myself into credit card debt and it continued for a few years after college.

I tried and failed many times to get out of debt but never could overcome it until I got real with myself. I had to admit to myself that I was depressed and needed help.

Once I admitted this and got help, I was able to overcome my debt.

From then I began to invest and save my money and grow my wealth. Fast forward over 10 years later and my net worth is nearing seven figures.

My goal for Compounding Pennies is to help you improve your finances through the experiences with money that I have had as well as others.

By learning from our mistakes and successes, you can learn how to handle your finances in a better way to help you reach your goals.

The site got its name to remind you that your finances won’t change overnight. It will take time, but little by little your actions will help to improve your finances.

The bottom line is don’t fall for get rich quick schemes. Don’t fall for messages saying you can get out of debt tomorrow.

To achieve wealth, it will take time. You get there by laying a foundation and you will learn how to do this through this site.

If you have any questions, please reach out to me and I will do my best to help you out.

Other Contributors To Compounding Pennies

Here are some details about the other writers who have written for Compounding Pennies.

Matthew Allen is a full time trucker and part-time blogger. He drives an 18-wheeler around all day Monday – Friday and thinks a lot about personal finance, money and creating a passive income.

He returns home every night to his wife and kids, gets up early every morning and works hard to try to create a passive income online. On his new blog, Dumb Passive Income, he is documenting all of the dumb things he has done to try to create a passive income and all of the not-so-dumb things he is doing in order to successfully do so.

Andrew writes at 101 Centavos, a blog dedicated in very unequal parts to personal finance, organic gardening, penny mining stocks, world travel, careers, and cooking. Odd combination perhaps, but there you have it.

Edward Antrobus is a construction worker, writer, and ebook publisher. At, he talks about a variety of personal finance topics, blogging, and job searching. At, he provides kitchen tips & tricks and easy recipes for the beginning cook.

Here, he mostly writes about the intersection of food and frugality. He is not above disagreeing with the rest of the personal finance establishment and can provide a contrarian viewpoint.

Cindy Brick was a magazine editor for four years, and has written six books so far, all currently on needlework and history. She blogs regularly for herself and others, and has written many articles on a wide array of topics, including PF, frugal living, antiques/collecting (including her experience judging and appraising) and of course, needlework and quilting.

She lives and works in Castle Rock, CO with her family. Visit her company, Brickworks, at Or see what she’s got to say at her blog,

Busy Exec is a 15 year corporate executive at a Fortune 200 company. After over a decade of long work hours, countless trips both domestic and abroad and high stress environments, he’s started to see the value of time.

After all, it’s the only resource that cannot be renewed! Therefore, he’s dedicated to accelerating his path to financial independence. This will mean more time for the things that truly matter in life…family, friends and those few hobbies that he never quite gets to because there’s no time!

Elaine has ridden the roller-coaster of the Credit Crunch. Six disastrous weeks in 2009 reduced her net worth from £400,000 (approx $600,000) to a mind-numbing negative £10,000 ($15,000) with threats of repossession looming.

She fought the banks and won! Saving the family home for her two boys and paying off the negative wealth in less than two years (despite being on welfare for one year). S

he has now set herself the challenge of building a business and paying off her mortgage of £125,000 ($185,000) in three years.

Follow her ups, downs and sideways moods at

Crystal Marie lives by the philosophy that needing less rather than earning more is the key to happiness and financial serenity, which allowed her to “retire” from formal employment in health education at the age of 44.

When she’s not traveling to visit the grand kids, Crystal works from her wilderness home creating custom memorial quilts, writing and editing.

Crystal can be found creating quilts from clothing at Custom Memorial Quilts, finding overlooked errors at Crystal Clear Edits, passing along her love of sewing and quilting at Quilting and Sewing with Kids, and making the most of the second half on her blog, The Best 50 Years.

Mary Cunningham would never claim to be a financial expert but has worked in the area of finance with personal taxes for over 15 years. Those personal taxes included all personal aspects, rental property and small businesses.

She will be offering some Canadian insight to this venture but she came to live in Canada by way of Kentucky. She has lived in Ontario, Canada for almost 15 years but lived her first 42 in eastern Kentucky. She’s the mother of two boys and Nana to 3 – one great boy and two sweet girly-girls.

As a single mother for 22 years, she had lots of experience in couponing, frugal living, and stretching a buck which resulted in seeing both sons through college. Now, finding herself single again and closing in on an early retirement, she’s again stretching a buck and finding frugal ways to live but has also discovered just how satisfying simple living can be.

She will offer different topics and hopes she can share some of her insight with others. Anticipating getting her own blog off the ground in the very near future, she hopes to share that launch with the readers here.

Carrie Hetu is not a financial expert, but has been passionate about finances since the age of 19 years old when a neighbor introduced her to taxes.

From that time, she has made a point to increase her financial literacy into areas of frugal living, investing, real estate, budgeting and passive income. She has also learned much from her own mistakes along the way.

She is now in her mid 40’s and has shared her passions through blogging for 13 years now. While she has several passions, her two favorite are finances and homeschooling. She is a wife, a mother of 4 and grandma of 2 beautiful children.

She enjoys spending time discussing money, economy, spending time in nature, starting businesses and spending time outdoors along with our pets.

She blogs at Poor to Rich a Day at a Time and Simply Homeschooled.

Emily Hunter blogs at Million Ways to Save, where she looks for the best ways to save you money.  Along with tips, she also offers ideas on making money, debt reduction, and making your lifestyle work.

Maria has the heart of a thinker, the head of a researcher and the soul of a writer. Thinking, researching and writing is what she does; sometimes it is fun. Maria started The Money Principle, a personal finance blog about ‘financial health’ and the balances that define it.

Balance between how much we earn and how much we spend; how much we have and how much we want; how much we consume and how much we let go; and how do we live and how we would like to live.

Teresa Potter is a teacher, single mom, and technology addict. She spent too much money on her Bachelor’s Degree, didn’t find a job right out of college, and is now going back to grad school.

In 2010 she resolved to find ways to be more financially and personally organized. So far she has learned to better manage her money, her time and her home, and she has made some big changes to the way she lives. Follow her at her home blog at A Game of Balance.

Prairie Eco-Thrifter does not want to have any regrets in life. Life is a privilege and her aim is to enjoy it as much as possible. Therefore, good money habits, staying healthy, and keeping the planet she lives on alive is critical to her (and you) enjoying a long, prosperous, and amazing life.

She likes to try different methods and techniques when it comes to cooking, fitness, shopping, building wealth, traveling, and being frugal and she shares these on her blog. If you want to be inspired to live the life you have always wanted, check out her blog here.

Savvy Scot is a 20-something Scot with a passion for life – He is the definition of an adrenaline junkie! With a Masters degree in Engineering, he works in IT project and knowledge management. He has a passion for self-development and presenting and is a self-confessed geek and fitness addict.

He loves to travel, scuba dive, ski, snowboard, rock climb, fly planes, jump out of planes and make a difference in peoples’ lives.

Skint in the City writes about living the stylish life on a shoestring budget, such as how to buy Pucci and decorate apartments even when you’re living on a starter’s salary.

Mixing down-to-earth personal finance with tips on budget style, entertaining and home styling, Skint in the City is for those who haven’t given up on their dreams of living the stylish life – even if their budget’s currently tighter than their skinny jeans.

Skint in the City is currently voted one of the UK’s top 25 personal finance sites by Cision, and also regularly contributes to the Huffington Post.

Brandon Tryon is a law student looking to specialize in Criminal Defense Work. With a business background, he hopes to eventually start his own law firm, and reads and studies personal finance for fun.

The son of an accountant, he has been fascinated by money ever since he can remember.  When not in school or work, you can find him playing basketball, disc golfing, and spending time with his lovely wife.

JT is the founder of Compounding Pennies.  This is his third blog in addition to Cash Flow Mantra where he writes about general financial topics and shares some personal experiences.

When not blogging, JT works full-time and tries, along with his lovely wife, to corral a half dozen kids.

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