3 Crazy Cell Phone Fees You Probably Aren’t Thinking About


cell phone feesHave you ever received your cell phone bill and had to pick your jaw up off the floor when you saw how much you owed? You’re certainly not the only one. Mainstream cell phone companies are wonderfully tricky when it comes to billing, and many of the cell phone fees you’re likely to see on your cell phone bill you may have been unaware even existed.

Unless you read through the novel of paperwork provided to you when you entered into your contract, there’s sure to be something in there you missed. The next time your cell phone bill arrives, look it over for a few of these common cell phone fees before writing a check.

3 Cell Phone Fees To Watch Out For

#1. Roaming Charges

Do you do a lot of traveling? You may be surprised to see your next cell phone bill if that’s the case. Most mainstream cell phone companies charge hefty fees for phone calls placed outside their service area. These charges, known as roaming charges, can add up pretty quickly if you’re a traveler.

Consider an alternative like trying out Mobi-data’s free SIM card. They’re a data service provider that boasts an extensive area of coverage, especially in the UK.

Rather than pay heaps for conversations through a regular provider, stick with their low cost, no contact mobile broadband to communicate with Skype and WhatsApp while paying a fraction of the cost with your data plan.

#2. Overage Fees

Many cell phone companies don’t give you a heads up if you’re getting close to your minutes or data limit. They expect you to monitor your progress and then hit you hard with fees if you unexpectedly go over.

Make a point of checking on your usage on a regular basis to ensure you don’t end up smacking yourself when your monthly cell phone bill comes along.

Consider switching to apps that let you communicate for free like WhatsApp or TextMe. Then you don’t have to worry about going over at all.

#3. Useless Insurance Plans

While some insurance plans may be worth the hype, oftentimes you’re paying a monthly fee for something that won’t do much good in the times you need it. Carefully read through your insurance plan to see when you’re covered and when you’re not.

There are few things worse than paying for a plan only to realize you’re not covered when your cell phone bites the dust. There are other insurance plans out there that may be of more use to you than the one you’re currently on and that make more sense for your situation.

Finding A Better Option

Thanks to competition, there are many cell phone service resellers out there. This means companies that offer the same service as the big players but with a much lower cost.

For example, I use Cricket. They use AT&T towers, so the service reliability is essentially the same. The difference is that I pay less than half of what I was paying with AT&T and I get more.

I currently get unlimited text and calls and 4 GB of data for just $35 a month, all without an annual contract. I encourage you to look into Cricket. If you sign up through this link, you get a $25 credit on your first statement.

Final Thots

Don’t be afraid to switch carriers, but be warned that many require cancellation fees that make it difficult to get away. The next time you go to sign a contract, ask as many questions as you need to so that you understand exactly what you’re getting yourself into.

And don’t be afraid to call your provider and demand answers that are understandable and satisfactory. Their customer service representatives are there for a reason and that’s to make sure you’re satisfied with your service.

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