On Call – The Different Types of Cell Phone And Their Uses


cell phone usesThe large variety of cell phones has truly empowered people to save money and take some of the complications out of everyday living. You can use them for business or for general leisure. It all just depends on your lifestyle and what you want from the phone. below are the three main types of device and why they might suit both you and your bank balance.

Going Basic

Old-school handsets come complete with all the buttons (a luxury nowadays!) and will suit anyone who simply wants to make a few calls or send a few text messages. If you like doing things the old-fashioned way — whether that’s finding your way with a trusty old map or A to Z, ordering takeout over the phone rather than through an app or other such handy uses of mobile phones — this is the type of handset for you. Nokia handsets are renowned in this respect for their reliability and longevity.

Better still, such handsets are cheap to buy and also fairly economical to run. Contracts are available for them, or you can top up as and when required. This provides scope to manage your mobile phone expenditure better.

Getting Smart

Slender, sleek and stylish, smartphones are all the rage these days. These especially appeal to teenagers and younger adults, since they can access the internet easily, allowing them to stay connected. They can take photos, send emails and text messages. These are just a few functions! Apps such as Viber allow you to send text messages for free through WiFi, whereas the ever popular WhatsApp makes it possible to send pictures free.

Smartphones include phones such as the famous iPhone. They make travel planning easier. You can store boarding passes on your phone and you can use translator apps to overcome language barriers. There are also apps available that feature currency converters.

Meaning Business

In today’s fast-paced day and age, business people would most likely be lost without a mobile phone. Blackberrys are the best option for this type of user. The keypad is more practically designed for business use, since it features actual buttons rather than the touchscreen technology of smartphones. As a result, business people can conduct their business on the go, using some of the advanced business functions that are incorporated into the phone. A Blackberry also offers the assurance of enterprise security. Additionally, there are special tariffs for people who use their phones for business.

So basically, when it choosing a cell phone, it comes down to how you’ll use the device. You can also check out comparison sites, which will also provide tips for buying the right phone for you and for your wallet.

[Photo Credit: Garry Knight]

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