14 Things Financially Wise People Choose Not to Buy


Do you ever wonder how some people seem to have their finances in order while others are constantly struggling to make ends meet?

It’s not luck or chance that sets financially wise people apart – it’s their choices.

They understand that financial well-being is not about having all the latest gadgets or luxury items but rather about making smart decisions and prioritizing their long-term goals over short-term gratification.

We will explore 14 things that financially wise people choose not to buy.

From expensive designer clothing to unnecessary gadgets, we will delve into the mindset behind these choices and uncover the secrets to achieving lasting financial success.

So, if you’re ready to take control of your financial future and learn from those who have mastered the art of wealth building, keep reading. 

This one is for you!

1. A Superyacht

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Some people have their limits on what they’d purchase — for eye-opening reasons. “Sorry, but I’d never buy one of those huge superyachts,” admits one man.

“They’re just a pain in the bum to own and maintain and rarely get used. But, if I had the money and wanted to take a vacation on one of those, I would just rent it for a week.” Look, sir, if you need someone to use your superyacht, I will happily step up.

2. A Tesla Vehicle

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Given the eccentric behavior of Tesla founder Elon Musk lately, it’s not surprising that many people confess to wanting to stay away from purchasing any vehicle associated with him!

However, it isn’t 2015 anymore — the electric vehicle market has heated up, and the polarizing Tesla brand isn’t the only game in town.

3. A Mansion

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While most people would quickly buy their dream house if they came into considerable wealth, others would buy a more practical home — especially not a mansion.

“It’s over-obsessive, has too many rooms, and it’s unnecessary,” laments one woman. “Seems like it’s more work than anything; I’d be happy with a nice backyard and a five-bedroom house with two bathrooms and a nice kitchen. That’s it.”

4. A Fancy Cat Drinking Fountain

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First, let it be known that if I ever start a band, it will be named “Fancy Cat Drinking Fountain.” Secondly, one pet owner declares he’d never buy this oddly-specific type of fountain. “Hear me out — I have one cat who drinks a ton of water because of her medication and another who just likes to drink water,” he explains.

“But I promise, if I bought them a fancy fountain, I’d repeatedly trip over it and spill water everywhere.” I need to meet this person in real life.

5. Vehicle Subscription Services

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Did you know that for many current models, some of the most well-known automakers are making features – such as heated seats – available only via monthly subscription?

Unfortunately, it’s true, and many people swear they will never be paying for these once-free features since it will only encourage these greedy manufacturers.

6. A High-End Watch

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Some people value luxurious timepieces, while others think they’re gaudy statement pieces used to identify the worst people in society. One watch expert gives it to us straight, however.

“They’re all overrated, marked up, and get easily damaged,” he says. “The repair costs run in the hundreds and thousands as well. The repair houses make their money from service. Just like a service advisor at all car dealerships. A simple battery change turns into a complete overhaul for a watch.”

7. Apple Products

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No matter how innovative their product offerings are, some consumers swear they will never purchase an Apple product for as long as they live.

This practice is often called the neverending battle between Apple fans and Android fans — a timeless war with no winners, only losers.

8. Starbucks Coffee

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While the Starbucks brand is synonymous with the coffee industry, many think its products are overrated — especially the coffee itself.

As a result, these folks will be taking their hard-earned infinite money to local mom-and-pop coffee shops. That’ll show them!

9. Wild Animals

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What is the fascination with buying a pet tiger, monkey, or snake?

Some animals are better off in the wild, not at people’s homes as pets.

10. Bottled Water

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As much as buying bottled water is convenient and inexpensive, many people confess they will never buy any since water can be acquired for the low price of zero dollars and zero cents if you know how to look.

For example, tap water has become exceedingly safe to drink in recent years due to strict local regulations and laws.

11. A “Smart” Washer and Dryer

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The word “smart” has recently been added to many iterations of appliances, usually indicating WiFi connectivity or other technological advancement.

However, many people draw the line at buying “smart” washers and dryers. Until “smart” means the washer will stuff itself with dirty clothes and add the correct detergent, many people are okay with their regular “dumb” appliances!

12. Designer Purses

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Many women say they would refuse to buy designer purses and bags.

Some high-end handbags can cost up to $10,000!

13. An Expensive Engagement Ring

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We’ll start off with a classic: the engagement ring. 

Despite its popularity, some people don’t want one and would rather do without it.

The story of one woman’s reaction to her partner’s attempt at proposing with an over-the-top diamond ring is a perfect example of this trend. 

She rejected the $50,000 diamond sparkler in favor of a much more understated alternative.

Whether it be because they feel the ring is too ostentatious or because they simply don’t like the design, some people just won’t accept such an expensive item, no matter how loved up they are!

14. Food At Sporting Events

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When it comes to sporting events, some people don’t mind shelling out a bit extra for the experience.

However, there are others who won’t accept the often ridiculously expensive food on offer at stadiums and arenas.

One fan of American football refused to buy a $25 hamburger and instead opted for a much cheaper alternative outside the stadium.

This is just one example of how some people are rejecting overpriced items in favor of more affordable options.

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