5 Awesome Ways Organizing Can Help You Save Money


organizing can help save moneyOne of the most commonly cited areas that people say they need improvement is in getting more organized. Often times we overlook just how simple and effective organizing can be, not only in removing some of the everyday hassle we face, but carrying other important benefits as well.

One of the most startling connections many fail to make involves the relationship between organizing and saving. Not only can getting more organized help you start to save today, the process of doing so does not always require much time or effort. In keeping with that notion, the following are several ways that you can start getting organizing and begin saving today.

5 Awesome Ways Organizing Can Help You Save Money

#1. Cut Grocery Spending

Something that seems to be a bit of a recurring joke in households all over usually takes place sometime after grocery shopping. As people begin putting away their purchased goods, they find that the very item they so diligently went out and restocked was not absent from their house, but rather lost in the clutter of the fridge or pantry. As a result, the freshest version must be stored away until the forgotten good is consumed.

Not only does this mistake cost you unnecessarily, if you end up having to dispose of something that was good but went bad, you are effectively wasting your money. To cut back on this needless spending, start getting organized.

Place your most frequently used goods in a place you know they’ll be and group similar foods together, like fruit and spices. Before you head to the store, double check that you are actually running low on what you think you are and watch how much money you save.

Additionally, when you get organized and meal plan, you can greatly lower the cost of each grocery shopping trip. By purchasing items on sale and building meals around these sales, you will have your grocery money go farther than before.

Finally, don’t overlook coupons. This is true for grocery stores and others stores too. The most organized way to do this is to visit a coupon website where they have all the deals in one place.

#2. Avoid Late Fees

How many times have you lost a book from the library or a DVD from Redbox and failed to find it until after its due date? Even worse, how many times has your monthly credit card statement gone missing only to be forgotten and later found after payment is due? Though late fees may seem relatively insignificant, they can add up and have some nasty consequences. Worst of which is probably affecting your credit score.

The consequences of that could mean higher interest rates on car and home payments, something that everyone wants to avoid. To get organized, make sure you file important paperwork like bills into one place. It will also be helpful to keep a running list of everything that will require payment along with a due date. Be sure to check back on this list progressively to allow yourself to stay on top of things.

#3. Figure Out What Can Be Sold

Getting organized around your home often means identifying the old and infrequently used items and determining what to do with them. This process of purging is an easy way to clean out your home and increase organization, but it also has another benefit, as finding some of your old belongings can mean money in your pocket.

While you can pull out some tables and lawn chairs and hold a yard sale, you can also make money without even leaving the comfort of your own home by selling your things online. All this requires are a few high-quality photos of your goods and you can expand your reach to possible buyers instantly.

You can even enlist the help of your children with the promise of getting them a gift that is comparable to what they have given up. Old clothes or other lightly used goods can even be donated for a beneficial tax deduction.

#4. Detect Problems Early On

Whether it is an unsealed window pain, uncleaned HVAC system, or some kind of structural problem within your home, doing some spring cleaning and getting things a bit more organized can promise you some savings. Just like with other problems that intensify with time, it is important to identify places that need repair early to save you from big spending down the road.

Though it may require you to get down and dirty as you organize within infrequently used spaces within your home like the basement or attic, you will thank yourself when you find something that needs immediate repair.

#5. Opportunity Cost

Though this is not always an expense that you feel, opportunity cost is the value of missing out on one thing to do something else. When it comes to everyday life, consider all the time that you waste and all of the things you miss out on either searching for misplaced items or trying to keep track of the many things going on at any given moment.

Save yourself from that stress by simply organizing. Not only will you feel better, you’ll also get some very important time back. And whether you decide to use that opportunity to engage in money making ventures or instead use for if yourself, it is important to prioritize and maximize your time and energy.

Final Thots

Overall, getting organized is a great way to help you save money. If you find that disorganization is costing you money or time, be sure to use these tips to help you get back control. Before you know it, you will have more money and more time, giving you more options in life.

Author Bio: Douglas Keller has been a financial expert for 20 years, helping people reach financial stability. He now provides personal finance tips on his blog Peak Personal Finance, where he helps people save money on their bills and other expenses every month.

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  1. Great article! Couldn’t agree more that you need to be organized to save money effectively. I’ve been using apps to track my expenses and buy groceries as well to make sure I don’t spend excessively on unnecessary stuff.

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