5 Ways To Pay Less For Prescription Drugs


ways to save on prescription drugsRegardless of where you stand on the Affordable Care Act, it’s no surprise that the cost of prescription drugs just seems to keep going up, up, up! Sadly since most incomes have not been keeping up with inflation, we have to find ways to cut back here and there just to make ends meet. Below are 5 ways to pay less for prescription drugs and make your dollar stretch just a little bit further.

5 Tips To Pay Less For Prescription Drugs

Use Generics

Did you know that close to 80% of FDA approved drugs have a generic version out there? It is in your best interest to seek out these generic drugs since they cost close to four times less than their name brand counterparts. That is a huge savings!

Next time your doctor prescribes a drug, be sure to ask them if there is a generic version.

Ask For Samples

Let’s say that the drug you are prescribed is in that 20% that does not have a generic version. What do you do then? Don’t worry, as all hope is not lost. Most doctors nowadays have samples of brand name drugs. Simply ask for 14 days worth of samples to try out the drug. From there, assuming it helps you, you can get the prescription.

Shop Around

Almost every store now has a pharmacy inside it – drug stores, supermarkets, general merchandise stores – you name it, chances are they have a pharmacy. With all of this competition, they are offering great deals to win your business. Check out a handful in your area and see what deals they are offering you.

Be sure to check on volume discounts too. Getting a 90 day supply versus a 30 day supply could be less money out of your pocket in the long run. Also be sure to look online too for a pharmacy. Just make sure you do your homework on them before committing.

Split Pills

I’m not talking about just randomly splitting your pills in half and taking half the medication you should, just to be clear. What I am talking about is to see if you can get a higher dose pill from your doctor. For example, if you are prescribed a 10mg pill, see if you can get a 20mg pill instead and cut it in half.

This saves you money because the cost for the pill is usually the same, regardless of the dosage. Therefore you could get twice as many pills from a higher does and splitting them for the same price.

Check Your Insurance

One thing you should always be doing is comparing the drug you are prescribed to your insurance formulary. Each plan covers different drugs, so it is important to ask your doctor for a few drugs that treat the same issue. Then you can see which one(s) are covered by your insurance, thus reducing the costs you pay.

Final Thots

Overall, you can do a few simple things to reduce your prescription drug costs. Taking the few minutes to do any of these tips will reduce the price you pay, thus saving you money in the long run.

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  1. I formerly used Target (you get a shopping coupon for every 5th prescription filled), but now we save the most by having 90 days shippe to our house. I’d add that the best way to save on prescriptions is to adopt a healthy lifestyle in order to get off as many medications as possible.

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