11 Easy Hacks To Get Free Gas


With coupons and other ways to save money, savvy shoppers know how to save on grocery and food bills.

But something that you may not be as familiar with is ways to save money on gas.

Getting free gas may sound like a joke, or something impossible, but it’s not.

Believe it or not, there are perfectly legitimate, legal ways of getting gas for free.

Of course, there are illegal ways of getting free gas too.

But this post is going to focus more on the legit ways.

So if you’re looking for ways to save on car travel costs, we’ve got you covered.

How To Get Free Gas | 11 Simple Tricks Guaranteed To Work

The Best Free Gas Trick Anyone Can Use

free gas hacks

The best free gas hack out there is to download and the GetUpside app.

This free app, available on both Google Play and Apple allows you to earn cash back on the gas you buy.

When you download the app and create a free account, you can search your area for participating gas stations.

GetUpside Button

Buy gas at any of these stations and you will earn cash back.

I’ve earned between $0.03 and $0.11 cash back on my gas purchases.

So if the price listed is $2.35 a gallon and I earn $0.10 cash back, I am really only paying $2.25 for a gallon.

After a few fill ups, you essentially earned free gas.

When you download the app by clicking the link above, you will get $0.25 off every gallon on your first purchase of gas.

This is in addition to the normal cash back you will earn every day.

So in most cases, your first purchase will be around $0.25 off for every gallon of gas you buy.

And if you refer your friends, you get a $0.15 cash back bonus on your next fill up for each friend that creates an account.

You will also earn $0.01 for every gallon of gas they buy.

And here is a cool trick.

Sign up and then refer your spouse to sign up.

You will both get the bonus and every time they fill up, you will get $0.01 for every gallon they buy.

They also offer cash back when dining out and at grocery stores too.

You can use this cash back to offset the purchase price of gas.

This by far the easiest way to save money on gas.

10 Additional Ways To Get Free Gas

If you don’t want to use the trick above, or want to save more money, there are other options for you.

Here is a list of the best ideas for you to try.

#1. Earn Free Gas Gift Cards

Websites like Swagbucks will let you earn points for doing simple tasks like watching videos, browsing the internet, completing surveys and shopping online.

Once you have enough points, you can convert them into free gift cards, including free gas cards.

It does take a little bit of time each day to earn points, but the points quickly add up and make it worth your while.

Swagbucks Button

#2. Use Your Car For Advertising

Car wrapping is a simple way to earn money to lower your fuel costs.

Wrapify is a new start-up company that works with car owners to place advertising on cars.

All you have to do is download the app, sign up and decide how much of your car you want to be covered with advertising, from partial to full.

Then drop it off for it to be wrapped in the advertising, for free.

Then you just drive your car and earn money for advertising!

Wrapify even lets you decide which marketers you want to work with, so you’re never advertising anything that you don’t want to.

#3. Free Gas USA

Founded in 2008, Free Gas USA is a non-profit organization established to provide grant assistance for low-income families and Americans in need.

Grants for free gas are awarded monthly to those who need it, on coded fuel cards with values starting at $50.

The number of gas cards they can provide is strictly limited based on the donations that the corporation received that month.

You’ll need to apply for a grant by contacting them through their site.

#4. Enter Sweepstakes

You only get free gas if you win the sweepstakes, but considering the entry is free, it’s worth the moment it takes to enter.

There are a number of different websites you can use to find free gas sweepstakes.

The easiest way is to type “free gas sweepstakes” into your search bar. Another term to try is “win free gas”.

#5. Sign Up For Loyalty Programs

Many grocery stores have free loyalty programs.

If you shop at any of them regularly, it’s worth joining the program.

The reward points that you earn for your purchases can be redeemed for gift cards, discounted groceries, or discounts on fuel.

Kroger offers its customers a loyalty card in which for every $100 spent on groceries, you can get up to $1 off of gas.

Just be sure to stick with the same store.

In my area, different stores partner with different stations, so points from the grocery store location down the road don’t carry over to the same brand grocery store 20 minutes away.

And it’s not just grocery stores and supermarkets that have these gas rewards programs.

If you tend to frequent the same stations, it’s worth joining their reward programs too.

Here is a small sample of gas station loyalty programs that offer you fuel points and discounts on fill ups.

  • BPme Rewards
  • Circle K Easy Rewards
  • Exxon Mobile Rewards+
  • Maverik’s Adventure Club
  • QuikTripQT Rewards
  • Shell Fuel Rewards
  • Pilot MyRewards
  • Speedwat Speedy Rewards

Another great place to save on gas is BJs Wholesale Club.

Not only do they tend to have the lowest priced gas around, but when you buy certain sale items, you save even more on gas.

Just look for items marked with “High Octane Item” stickers.

Buying these items will save you $0.10 per gallon.

With a little homework, there is no reason why you can’t save money on gas using these reward programs.

#6. Use Reward Credit Cards

Taking advantage of credit card rewards another simple way to save on gas.

For example, the American Express Blue Cash Preferred card gives you 3% cashback at gas stations and 6% cashback at US supermarkets.

If gas costs $2.50 a gallon, you are saving $0.08 on every gallon you buy.

And here is a trick I use to save even more.

My local grocery store sometimes carries gift cards to the local gas station.

When they do, I buy $100 worth of gift cards.

By using my credit card, I save 6% on the purchase, meaning I paid $94 for a $100 gift card.

To find a credit card that offers cash back on gas purchases, click on the button below.

Credit Card Button

If you fill up with the same brand of gas, you can get their gas credit cards.

Examples include Sunoco or Exxon Mobil.

You will get a one time bonus saving you $0.10 a gallon for a specified period of time and then save $0.05 off every gallon after that.

If you do decide to go this route, make sure you are paying your credit card balance off in full each month.

The reason is because if you don’t you will be paying much more in interest charges, wiping out any gas savings you have earned.

#7. Discount Gift Cards

Ever thought it would be great if you could get a gift card for less than the face value?

While you can do that at grocery stores like I pointed out above, there is a way you get get gift cards for even less.

Websites like Gift Card Granny and CardCash buy unwanted gift cards from people and then sell them to you for less than face value.

For example, you could get a $75 gift card for $60.

The great thing is these sites don’t just offer gas cards.

You can find gift cards for just about every other category as well, from groceries to fast food and travel, helping your dollar go even further.

#8. Download An App

There are some great apps out there to help you save money on gas.

Some show you current prices near you, so you can find the cheapest option and save.

Others give cashback, and some provide permanent discounts on gas prices.

One of the best apps to use is Gas Buddy.

You can locate the cheapest gas prices near you, and you can filter results by the type of fuel you want, like regular, midgrade, premium or diesel.

When you use their GasBack feature, you can earn rewards for shopping at partner brands and retailers.

These rewards can be used to pay for gas when you use the Pay with GasBuddy card.

In addition, you can sign up for Deal Alerts. These are local gas stations that have flash discounts, like $0.15 off for a short period of time.

If you like brand loyalty, try the Shell Fuel Rewards Program app.

Using the Fuel Rewards Program will save a minimum of $0.05 per gallon at any participating Shell gas station.

#9. Approach Charities

If the search for free fuel is one of necessity, rather than a way to save some money on the side, consider reaching out to local churches and charities.

Free Gas USA isn’t the only place you can get gas vouchers.

Sometimes the local Salvation Army provides free gas vouchers to those who need them.

However, the gasoline vouchers are limited and are generally reserved for those who need them to get to essential commitments.

If you need the help, reach out to local organizations to learn more and to ask for assistance.

Another service that can help is United Way.

Dial 211 for a confidential, toll-free call to be connected to a community resource specialist in your area.

They’ll be able to put you in touch with the local organizations who’ll be able to help you.

#10. Offer Carpooling

If you commute often, it may be worth looking into whether you can offer carpooling.

You can agree to drive others going the same places as you or close to for a small fee.

This is a smart way for you to earn some money back for driving.

There are websites that can help you connect with others, here are some popular ones:

  • Waze
  • RideShare
  • RideSharing

Additionally, keep in mind that this also doubles as a way for you to help the environment.

Carpooling makes for less total emissions, so you can make a slight difference while you’re earning some free gas.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

I get asked a lot of questions about saving money on gas and getting it for free.

Here is a list of the most common questions to run through if you are short on time.

What is the best way to earn free gas?

The best way to earn free gas is to download the GetUpside app using a referral code.

When you do this you get $0.15 off every gallon on your first purchase, which is in addition to the cash back they already offer.

Then use the app to find participating stations in your area that offer discounted gas to save.

From there, have your partner and friends sign up for the app using your referral code. You will both get a $0.15 bonus off every gallon of gas on your next fill up.

As an added bonus, when any of your referrals fill up their tanks, you will earn $0.01 for every gallon of gas they buy.

GetUpside Button

Can I save money on gas by paying in cash?

Many gas stations provide savings when you pay cash.

Before filling up, ask the clerk what the discount is. Usually it is around $0.05 a gallon.

Why do they offer a reduced price when you pay with cash?

They are small business owners and don’t make much profit on the sale of gas.

They make their money when you come inside and buy candy, food, and drinks.

When you pay with a credit card, they have to pay the processing fee, which eats into their profit.

So by giving you a discount to pay cash, they still make a small profit on the sale of gas by avoiding the processing fees.

What is the best credit card to save money on gas?

There is no one perfect card for gas savings.

There are a couple reasons why.

First, gas tends to be regional.

In my area, we have a lot of Sunoco stations.

A Suncoco credit card would be the best fit for me since I tend to fill up at these stations.

But this card doesn’t make sense for you if there aren’t any Sunoco stations where you live.

Second, traditional credit cards have a lot of rewards options.

Maybe you want points for free travel.

Or maybe you want cash back.

The best way to save money on gas using credit cards is to figure out if you are brand loyal.

If so, look into that brands credit card.

If not, look into the best card that meets your needs.

Credit Card Button

What are other ways to save money on gas?

There are a lot of easy ways to lower the cost gas.

Here are the easiest ones you can start doing today.

Clean out your car.

Added weight leads to lower gas mileage. This means you will have to fill up more often.

Go through your trunk and rest of your car and take out anything that adds weight and you don’t need.

Drive slower.

The faster you drive, the more gas you use.

The sweet spot for most is around 60 mph. As you drive faster than this, your gas mileage drops.

And it drops faster as you increase speed.

If you can make it a habit to stay between 65-70 mph, you will be moving at a safe speed and be saving money.

Starting and stopping.

Another big gas waste is stopping or starting too quickly.

This usually happens at red lights and stop signs.

When you slam on your brakes or mash the pedal, you waste gas. And a lot of it.

Be more aware when you drive and you can save.

When coming up to a stop sign, take your foot of the gas pedal and coast.

As you approach a red light, also take your foot off the gas, even if the light is green. The goal here isn’t to stop, but to be ready if the light changes so you can start braking sooner.

When starting from a stopped position, lightly depress the gas pedal and go. Don’t try to race.

Stop idling.

The other biggest waste of gas is idling.

When you aren’t moving, you are using gas and aren’t going anywhere.

While you could choose to be a hypermiler in this case and turn your car off everytime you stop at a red light, this is a little extreme for most drivers.

Instead, be more selective.

If you have kids, wait to turn the car on until everyone is buckled and you are ready to drive.

If you go to the store and are waiting in the car while someone runs in, turn the car off.

The more you can do this, the more gas you will save.

Drive less.

Try to combine trips so you are making fewer trips overall.

Or if the place you need to get to is close by, consider walking, riding your bike, or taking public transportation if available.

What gas station has the best loyalty program?

Shell Fuel Rewards is a simple program to use and earn discounts.

All fill ups will get you a $0.05 savings per gallon of gas and other purchases can save you even more.

If there aren’t Shell gas stations around you, I mentioned a handful of the best gas station loyalty programs earlier in this post.

You can use that list to see which other program makes sense for you.

What are illegal ways to get free gas?

There are a lot of illegal ways to get free gas.

I don’t recommend any of them since they are illegal.

But the most common are siphoning gas from another cars gas tank, RFID hacking, and pump hacking.

Wrapping Up

Saving money on gas has never been easier.

And with the various ways you can get discounts, they all add up to give you free gas over time.

I encourage you to pick the tips that make the most sense for you to reduce your automobile gas expenses so you can keep more money in your pocket every month.

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