3 thoughts on “Will The ObamaCare Tax Affect You?”

  1. This new tax won’t affect me YET, but then again, why should I aspire to be a high income earner if I will only be punished for it with higher taxation? Dint these liberals consider the unintended consequences when they pass stupid laws and new taxes like this? It seems like this should bring mite revenue into the federal government when really it will suppress peoples aspirations to achieve which in turn will lower revenues to the government.

    Seeking and utilizing any possible loophole, as explained in this post, is what any smart investor will do. Ironically, the very liberals who pass laws like this are the ones slamming and criticizing Mitt Romney for doing just that.

    1. I think no matter what law you pass, loopholes will always be found. The people with the money will pay their accountants to find the loophole. The government will continue to play catch up.

  2. my 2011 adjusted gross income (taxable ) was $16,000. Fell within the 10% tax bracket– if I sold present stock holdings prior to 12/31/2012 – about $35,000.00 . cost bases– stock purchase $20,000— where do I fall in the present tax structure = married , age 80- thanks , tom

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