15 Super Simple Ways To Save At Chipotle


When you think of fast food, healthy isn’t typically a word that comes to mind.

But with Chipotle Mexican Grill, healthy fast food is a reality.

They use quality ingredients that have been responsibly sourced and they care about the environment.

This in addition to the great tasting food they serve is why I visit them on a regular basis.

And this is why I began to figure out ways to save money at Chipotle.

After all, if I am going to be spending money eating out, I need to make sure I do it in a way that doesn’t destroy my finances.

So here are the tips and tricks I’ve started to use to help me lower the cost of eating at Chipotle.

15 Simple Ways To Save Money At Chipotle

#1. Get A Burrito Bowl

save at chipotle

When you are in the mood for a burrito but want to maximize the portion size you get and save money, choose to get a burrito bowl instead.

The reason is simple.

There is only so much food you can fit into a flour tortilla.

But with a bowl, you can get a much bigger portion.

And because they want to move you through the line quickly, many employees will spoon in more than the amount they should.

In fact, if you control your eating, you can easily feed 2 adults with the amount of food they throw into a burrito bowl.

And if you are really in the mood for a tortilla, just ask for one on the side.

There is no additional charge!

Then you can make your own burrito and have a bowl too.

#2. Get An Order Of Tacos

Another alternative to the burrito is the soft taco.

While the price of 3 soft tacos and a burrito is identical, the amount of food isn’t.

Again, employees can only fit so much into a single burrito.

But they will tend to put in more food in each taco, effectively giving you more food for your money.

#3. Double Wrap A Burrito

Sticking with the burrito theme, if you do order one, ask for a “double wrap with tortilla”.

This will get you a second tortilla at no cost that you can then take some of the food out of the burrito and wrap it into a second burrito.

#4. Get Free Guacamole

Did you know you can score free guac with your order?

If you order a vegetarian meal, like a veggie burrito, bowl, or tacos, you get guacamole for free.

You can either get it on your entrée or on the side.

If you opt for it on the side, then you only need to buy chips if you want a tasty side treat.

#5. Get Free Guacamole And Chips

Let’s take the last tip one step further.

Order a veggie bowl and get your free side of guac.

Then ask for free hard shell tacos instead of the flour tortilla shell.

Break up the taco shells into small pieces and you have free chips and guacamole.

#6. Get More Meat For Free

The meat in your meal, chicken, steak, barbacoa, etc. is the real price driver in what you pay.

A great trick is to go 50/50 with the meat.

For example, order an entrée and ask for half and half meat, like half chicken and half steak.

You will get charged once for the higher priced meat but many times will end up with extra meat.

This is because the employee will tend to scoop out a few more ounces of protein, giving you more than if you simply ordered one.

#7. Ask For All The Extra’s

Here’s a great trick to get more food at Chipotle.

You get all the rice, beans, veggies, and toppings you want at no additional cost.

So make sure you load up on them.

Here is the trick I use.

I never ask for half black beans and half pinto beans.

I ask for one kind of bean.

Then I say something like, “actually, can you give me pinto beans too”?

Now instead of half and half, I got a full scoop of black beans plus a small scoop of pinto beans.

You can do the same thing with rice too.

When it comes to the veggies, cheese, lettuce or sauces, after they give you a serving, simply ask for a little more.

They will be happy to add more.

If you get enough extras, you can easily make a second meal out of everything.

And in a few rare cases, an employee might give you an extra tortilla if the first one rips!

#8. Order A Kid’s Meal

Chipotle portions are huge.

If portion control is your thing and you want to save money, then order a kid’s meal.

You’ll get a smaller portion and save money at the same time.

It’s a simple way to save money that most people overlook.

#9. Skip The Kid’s Meal

If you do have kids however, you should skip the kid’s meal.

Instead order a burrito bowl and load it up with the free rice, beans, and veggies.

Then when you sit down to eat, you can use your free tortilla to make an entrée for your kid.

#10. Dress Up For Halloween

You local Chipotle will have a theme for dress up on Halloween.

Find out what the theme is, dress up accordingly, and visit the store.

You will get a discounted burrito or whatever the special is that holiday.

It’s a simple and fun way to eat out and save money.

#11. Visit Close To Closing Time

This isn’t ideal for everyone, but if you have a late night hunger, going to Chipotle close to closing time could be the best thing you ever did.

At the end of the day, they have to get rid of the food or throw it out.

As a result, the employees tend to be much more generous in the amount of food they give you.

It’s an easy way to save a ton of money.

#12. Join Chipotle Rewards

An easy way to save money at Chipotle is to join the Chipotle loyalty program and score great deals and savings.

Simply download the Chipotle app and enter some basic information, like your name, phone number, and email address.

After you make your first order as a member, you earn a free order of chips and guac.

Plus when you order through the mobile app, you earn 10 points per dollar spent.

Earn enough points and redeem for a free entrée.

You can also earn extra points from time to time, have access to new menu items and special offers, and get a free reward on your birthday.

You can use your digital member code when you order online or in person.

#13. Follow On Social Media

Die hard Chipotle fans know about the importance of following the brand on social media.

From time to time they announce special promotions and deals first to their loyal fans.

This is a great way to get special access to discounts that others can’t get.

#14. Use Chipotle Gift Cards

This is three tips in one.

First, usually around the holidays, Chipotle will offer special deals when you buy gift cards.

The gift card promotions could be an extra $5 when you buy a $25 gift card or a free burrito.

To save money, take advantage of this deal yourself.

Buy the $25 gift card and you’ll have an extra $5 to buy more food.

The other option is to keep your eye out for a discounted gift card at places like Costco or BJs.

I’ve seen three $10 gift cards being sold for $25 before.

And sometimes, these gift cards are on sale.

In this case you could get $30 worth of gift cards for $22.

Finally, consider joining a site like Swagbucks.

You earn points for watching videos, playing games, shopping online, and taking surveys.

Redeem those points into a Chipotle gift card and you scored a free meal.

You can join for free and get $5 in the process!

Swagbucks Button

#15. Be Kind

This final tip is a reminder to be kind.

The employees serving your food are under a lot of stress and pressure.

No matter how bad of a mood you might be in, work hard to smile and be nice.

Maybe even crack a joke.

The reason for this is because when people are friendly to us, we tend to be friendlier to them.

In this case, it might mean you get a little larger helping of meat, brown rice, or black beans.

While this won’t tip the scale into saving huge amounts of money, you will get some extra food, lowering your overall cost.

Wrapping Up

So there are 15 easy ways to save money at Chipotle.

If you eat there on a regular basis, these tips will help you spend less money.

Use a single tip or a combination to maximize the amount of money you save.

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  1. I have a great, easy one to add, up to 20% off Chipotle Gift Cards at Kroger!

    Right now at Kroger you can load a digital coupon and get an instant $5 off a Chipotle Gift Card!

    So, you could get a $25 Chipotle Gift Card for $20.

    I think I remember that the Gift Card must be more than $25, but I don’t think there’s an upward limit.

    I think it’s limit one per Kroger Plus account, but you could have friends and family do this for you on their Kroger Plus accounts so you could get as many as possible.

    I did it a few days ago, it works!

    ADDED BONUS! Right now this gift card and a few others get you 4x Kroger fuel points. So if you did this, you could also get an easy 100 fuel points, which is equivalent to a 10c/gallon discount!

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