Invest in Gold, Then Focus More On Dividend Stocks


The world stock market has gone down overall in 2013 due mainly to the US government shutdown, but other trade markets are behaving differently to the major economic drama in North America.

According to financial reports by Bloomberg, European stocks were little changed but US index futures rose, indicating a rebound. With the erratic trading conditions, industry experts are at each other’s throats on how investors should deal with the current financial times. Gold has been a mainstay in debates, but now dividend stock is joining the recommendations.

Diversifying Investments In 2014

Several investment experts strongly recommend focusing on other trading instruments, with gold still heavily considered as a hedge option. The US economic halt seemed to have given the metal a reason to improve. As recent analysis of the precious commodity at Bullion Vault showed, gold investing prices have currently jumped, rising in Asia and London. This gives gold bugs more reason to still think that gold investment is still a wise choice especially when it comes to diversifying and keeping safe a portion of one’s finances from being gobbled up by Forex and stock markets.

In a report by Brendan Ryan during the concluded Precious Metals Round Table web-based conference call and presentation organized by Sprott Asset Management, the bottom line is to “hang on to your physical gold and gold shares because the point is fast approaching when the gold price is going to explode.”

That said, other experts are saying that gold investing should be done, but it should not be dwelled upon for long periods of time. Dividend stock is another alternative that should also be considered along with gold. “Gold is a great long-term investment. It’s a great way to protect your wealth from the money manipulators,” advised. “But from a wealth building outlook it’s not as important as picking the right stocks. Instead, use your time to find the best dividend stock on the market and invest in it.”

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  1. I treat gold like a long term investment and I don’t follow the price obsessively. I invest a small amount in gold every month to diversify my investment assets.

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