KaratBank Coin: Advantages Of Gold And Ethereum Combined


karatbank coinIn the present time of low interest rates, high risk of inflation and financial uncertainty, it is important to orient yourself to new ideas for investments. Cryptocurrencies are booming and gold has gained new importance.

As a result, more and more investors are looking for a combination of the security of tangible gold and the benefits of a cryptocurrency such as Ethereum.

One solution that has come to market is the KaratBank Coin. What is the KaratBank Coin?

With the KaratBank Coin, you decide in favor of a hybrid investment that will become immensely important in the future. And besides being a classic investment, will also be established as an important means of payment.

Let’s look at this in more detail.

The Power Of The KaratBank Crytocurrency

Features And Characteristics Of The KaratBank Coin

For starters, you should know that the KaratBank Coin was developed specifically with the objective of becoming a generally accepted payment method. The coin represents a certain weight in gold, which is juxtaposed with its value and used as a stylistic means of value stability.


This results in an advantage that you will not receive in a primary investment in cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum.

You can exchange a KaratBank Coin in the form of CashGold at any time and worldwide for physical gold, but also for central bank currencies. Its advantages are based on:

  • full banking independence
  • cost efficiency, as there are no charges for transfers
  • the predictable value, as it is based on real gold
  • protection from crises, as a KaratBank Coin is independent of financial and currency crises, as well as geopolitical influences

Anyone not wishing to deal entirely in speculation with their investment recognizes another advantage. While Ethereum or Bitcoin are primarily used for speculation, the KaratBank Coin is a means of payment with a value-stable background.

It is already apparent that demand will increase steadily in the foreseeable future.

If you invest now, you will gain a comparatively favorable rate, which will no longer be achievable in a climate of greater demand. This in turn, will have a positive effect on the yield, as your KaratBank Coin increases in value and brings you tangible financial added value.

A New Digital Currency With A Physical Background

The Future of MoneyInvestment in gold is based on a long-standing tradition which has resulted from the stability of and the increase in value of the precious metal.

Gold however requires a storage place and payment of fees if you want to trade it and sell it for a valid currency.

The situation is different with cryptocurrencies, which you hold in a purely virtual setting and you do not have to rent an expensive deposit box at the local bank.

With the idea of combining the security of gold with the flexibility of cryptocurrencies, the digital currency KaratBank Coin came into being.

After the introductory phase, in which the tokens can be purchased in public direct sale, the KaratBank Coin will play an important role on all relevant platforms on which you can deal in cryptocurrencies.

The digital currency is not however exclusively aimed at speculators, but is rather intended as a valid and practical means of payment. This feature stems from the relation to gold, the value of which is the basis of the value stability of KaratBank Coins.

This creates a currency that combines all the positive aspects of gold and a cryptocurrency.

Cashgold is an option that, unlike classic bullion and coins, will be an important means of payment in the future. On the basis of the KaratBank Coin, you make an investment that lays a cornerstone in the present for your future independent of banking and crises.

KaratBank Coin

The Karatbank is collaterizing up 10,000 tokens with 0.1g in the ICO phase. The goal is to achieve a coin value of 0.1g through an annual 20% profit distribution of the Karatbank Singapore and its subsidiary Karatpay.

To achieve this, both the profits from the worldwide revenue of gold transaction fees from the subsidiary Karatpay, as well as from the worldwide sale of Cashgold, are incorporated.

The 20% profit distribution will be immediately exchanged for gold and the coins thus upgraded.

Wrapping Up

At the end of the day, the KarateBank Coin is a viable option for those investors interested in cryptocurrencies but don’t want to get involved in the speculative nature most are saddled with.

By taking advantage of cryptocurrencies and backing it with a physical asset like gold, this investment provides more stability and is a better investment for investors.

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  1. Thanks for your article. Interesting. There are thousands of ICOs that have entered the market with a few which are running on Gold also. GOLDCOIN and GOLDBLOCKS have already made inroads to the market space and hit public exchanges. While the Karatbars coin seems like a good idea ( I am a member of Karatbars too ) it remains a pretty centralised currency until such time it hits a public exchange. We saw a coin in South Africa Pipcoin as well as OneCoin both been centralised so-called crypto but the owners control its price. Once Pipcoin went onto a public exchange its value went from its owners R100 to R0.49 per coin. That tells you a lot. Yes we cannot compare gold with so-called crypto but the idea of Crypto is that it remains as decentralised as possible. Could you give an indication on when this coin would go public?

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